Birth of a Pontiac Salesman

A salute to the 40 year old Lone Star Pontiac Oakland GMC Club, Dallas, Texas Tom Brackett, President

For the first time offered, you may experience selling Detroit wheels during one of America’s most exhilarating times in history.  Success was accomplished in highly competitive markets, marginal facilities, horribly depressed economies, brutal weather conditions and no owner bases.  Folks, the most cash hungry business on earth is the car business.  As in drag racing, no place for the unprepared or faint hearted.  It requires great dedication, long hours and an emotional bond to the product.  Above all, an ethical affection for your customer leads to happy owners.  Pontiac attracted and selected only the finest. 

One of America’s highest achievements in automotive sales success that created unprecedented styling and performance hysteria was . . . PONTIAC!  Four times Pontiac was Motor Trends “car of the year” 1959-1969 and an unimaginable #3 in national sales.  GM’s envious sister divisions and formidable competitors respected and feared us.  Who bush-wacked the GTO?  What really happened to Pontiac and Cadillacs meteoric decline in sales?  Certainly one of the nations most spectacular exciting times in history in Detroit . . . cars, music and American pride.  Enthusiasts, aesthetes and car collectors alike should delight in viewing this video that brings to life the powerful and seductive energy of Pontiac! Make someone feel important!  Alex Stanley Beloff III

Some of my comments may be disturbingly laced with biting sarcasm and humor.  Viewer discretion is advised.  These are my opinions, ought to be yours.