Speaking programs

Alex does speaking programs of various subjects.  He will charm your audiences with his expertise, humor, and photographic history.  Alex’s dynamic personality will have them wanting more!  His passion and love of cars combined with his successful sales career of 50 years is reflected in his programs about automobiles.  His knowledge of automotive industry is enhanced as he is an avid reader of The Wall Street Journal, Automotive News, Consumer’s Report, Car and Driver, Road and Track and numerous others.  He always has up to date facts that he injects into his presentations.  You definitely will stay awake during his presentation and will most certainly learn something and laugh!

Alex 2013 Veteran's day presentation to second graders Keller Harvel Elementary

Alex 2013 Veteran’s day presentation to second graders Keller Harvel Elementary

VIETNAM DAYS:  The program on his days as an Airman in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and the Phillipines in 1961-1962 will be appropriate for second graders, boy scouts, cadets or adults.  He has a power point presentation of over 100 photos showing the various countries, their folkways as well as his life as an Airman.  His personal stories keep the audience listening for his entire program.

Veteran’s Day 2014 will be the 7th year that Alex will do his presentation on Vietnam to the second graders at Keller Harvel Elementary School in Keller Texas. The children especially like to know everything and respond with thank you notes and questions for Alex.  He hand writes a letter to each child and answers their questions.  They really value the four page brochure that he gives them and the treasure hunt with the answers in the brochure.   They are having a history lesson and loving every minute of it!  Alex too!

Grapevine Rotary bulletin for Alex's program

Grapevine Rotary bulletin for Alex’s program