Client relationship

Alex Beloff III Founder and Chairman Alex Beloff III LLC

Alex Beloff III
Founder and Chairman
Alex Beloff III LLC

Client relationship is simply you stay in touch with each and every person you come in contact with on a timely basis.  This concept is unique to the industry.  You will personally be featured and be an expert in your vocation.  People will come to you for advice, direction and suggestions.  You become the source regardless of any compensations to you.  Long term rewards always follow.

A client relationship is the single most important source for new business and retaining old business.   How has Alex has developed a personal client relationship that has sustained him his entire career? 

Creating a personal client relationship requires providing a product or service that the client is unwilling or unable to provide for themselves.  Alex says, The greatest joy and financial fulfillment in your chosen sales career comes from generating and retaining your own clientele for which you are personally responsible. There will be challenges along the way.  You cannot leave things to chance.  You will be constantly hired or fired by your clients purchasing habits.  How has Alex become one of the world’s experts in this field?  You will successfully sell and excel far above your competitors when you have a warm personal face to face association with your client.

Alex's Grand Rapids home with Cadillac in driveway

Alex’s Grand Rapids home with Cadillac in driveway

Alex had gall bladder surgery in 1982 and then it required 18 stitches.  You were unable to drive a car for three months.  Alex was selling 10-12 new and used Cadillacs each month from his living room in Grand Rapids, Ohio.  How did Alex take care of appraisals, trade ins, and selected proper vehicles? Mean while stuffing them with homemade cookies, livations, cigars and cigerettes and in some cases, racing forms.  No internet back them.  No cell phones.  If Alex can sell 30 plus vehicles from his living room, imagine what you can accomplish with his concepts at your place of business.