Connie J Sharp Beloff

Connie J Sharp President Alex Beloff III LLC

Connie J. Sharp Beloff
Alex Beloff III LLC

Connie J. Sharp Beloff is President of Alex Beloff III LLC.  She has the computer knowledge, is excellent at organization or details, and definitely has a way with words and people.  Her background in the retail arena covers a massive exposure to the grocery business, being a legal secretary, being owner/partner of her own model management group in Dallas, did office management for two corporations as well as having Creations by Connie and being 27 years  in Mary Kay Cosmetics (using MK for 41 years).  Having her life experiences enables Connie to support and assist others.  Her personal insight from a woman’s perspective is sensitive, compassionate, effective and essential.

Alex made Connie Sharp a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow at Grapevine Rotary

Alex made Connie Sharp a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow at Grapevine Rotary

Connie is the mother of three, Susan – Michelle – Russell,  and grandmother of seven.  Having children was her greatest achievement and having grandchildren an added  blessing!  Her community, civic, spiritual and professional involvement is impressive.  She is a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow and with Alex is a Rotary benefactor in the Bequest Society. 

Connie’s professional and business relationship with Alex Beloff III LLC spans 23 years.  With Alex’s retirement from the luxury car business in 2007, it was a natural to combine Connie’s computer skills and experience to assist in having Alex’s incredible client development and sales knowledge transferred into an electronic form.  The results are the Alex Beloff III LLC web site and his personal concepts.  It will be rewarding to know that Alex will pass on his expertise to those of you who wish to gain success in your sales vocation.    

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me!” is a favorite quote of Connie’s.  You can improve yourself regardless of where you are in your career.  You definitely are never too young or too old to learn something new that will enhance your personal self and thus your career and vocation.

That is true for me too!  It is with pleasure that I have been fortunate enough to build this web site for Alex with the assistance of our friend, Bill Buffington of AuditVisuals.  My wish for each of you is to be able to meet Alex in person – it would be an experience you would never forget!    Take care.   CJB