Enhancing your reputation is critical to your sales success It should be a positive reflection on how others see you. Timely personal and professional contacts give you a chance to tell your story.  This should be your life’s commitment. Through impossible odds and every adversity that life brings, it is your reputation above all that will ensure your accomplishments and happiness.

Germain Lexus, Naples FL

Germain Lexus, Naples FL

Lifestyle: You are constantly on display and therefore lifestyle is a part of your reputation.  People proudly like to point you out as that’s our Lexus sales person.  Looking like the local yard hand is embarrassing to your reputation and lifestyle.  Displaying the unmistakable Lexus insignia in your lapel, tie or collar encourages people to say, Are you with Lexus?  Alex says, You will, of course, have a comeback comment immediately.  Your civic, fraternal, and spiritual involvement in your community should be a reflection of your values and vocation.

One of Alex's owners at DeVoe Infiniti stopped to see him with newest car, a 2005 Ferrari

One of Alex’s owners at DeVoe Infiniti stopped to see him with newest car, a 2005 Ferrari

Work ethics:  With management’s approval, start your shift early and leave late at least for the first year.  You must take the inniative to learn on your own.  Avidly study product material  and any company sales material.  Patronize top producers.  The more effective and appealing you become in person, the more confidence you will gain.

I love the words reflected by renown fighter pilot, Chuck Yeager, page 179 of his book, “Like anything else in life or flying, the most difficult things become easier after you have done them hundreds of times.”  To us that means the more times we effectively face the client at the point of sale, the easier it should become.  The web generation needs to understand that eventually life is a face to face contact.  Respect is earned, not given.