Promoting yourself

Promoting yourself requires concepts that feature “you” personally.  It is absolutely critical to your present and future success.  Customers are easily intimidated by colleagues who see no value in building a business and run at everyone they approach.  Driven by larceny, they will attempt to divert your customer’s attention to them.  You have just quietly been skated.

germain card Promoting yourself with your management’s permission has the best results when your photograph is on your business cards, thank you cards, letterheads, envelopes, and notes that highlight you personally.  This is especially helpful when someone has been referred to you and has your business card in their possession.  Some of us have difficult last names to pronounce.  Flashing your card at the door only requires a response of “I’m here to see this guy.”  Find out how Alex has become the master at creating such materials that identify his sales philosophy laced with unique, flattering and thoughtful messages that make the customer feel important and encourage them to patronize him.  Their influence over the buying decisions of their friends to see you personally will greatly enhance your sales success. 

Alex's business card at DeVoe Infiniti of Naples FL

Business cards are key to promoting yourself. When I approach or welcome someone at the dealership or auto show the first time, I do not hand them a business card immediately.  It is my goal to create such a memorable experience, they are compelled to ask for my card.  This is your highest initial complement and one to constantly strive to achieve.  Find out how I accomplish this!

grubbs cardI am usually the first one in the door and the last to leave at night.  Every morning I have an open invitation to my owners and friends to stop by my office for free cookies and coffee and fellowship.  I don’t try to sell anything which makes it comfortable to build a relationship with former and potential clients.  I’m very intrigued by the fascinating backgrounds of others.  I also learn under very relaxed circumstances their personal passions in life, their viewpoints and what makes them happy.  It is really a lot of fun.