Personal stress

Alex's 1991 white Cadillac

Alex’s 1991 white Cadillac in Grapevine TX

The ups and downs of selling can create financial hardships and personal stress.  Certain forms of stress are good because it encourages us to hone our skills, presentation and some forms of sales effectiveness.  Most other forms of stress for professional sales people can be a killer in our private lives and chosen vocations.

Finances are the number one personal stress issue.  Too many are blind sided by prosperity.  You and your family are encouraged to live below your means.  Stay in a good cash position.  Drive an old car with no payments.  No credit card debt.  Mortgage or rent payments only.  Start a Christmas club savings to be retrieved December 1st.  Family assistance with your client follow up and errands will free you up to sell.  This will keep you focused on the path to success.

Alex with his 1991 Academy Grey Cadillac Fleetwood

Alex with his 1991 Cadillac Fleetwood academy grey with red interior

Good health will dramatically contribute your effectiveness.  I am concerned with the society ills that plague our vocation such as obesity, prescription drug abuse, alcoholism, reckless driving habits, poor physical fitness, and lack of proper rest. Uncomfortable family issues are detrimental to any lifestyle.  Certainly any portion of these situations is a poor mix.  Perhaps a family meeting, where applicable, outlining your new vocational requirements would be beneficial to all concerned.  This will give you encouragement and support needed to be successful in your new vocation. 

With you declaring a personal pledge to yourself and then your family, personal stress is dramatically reduced.  You will then experience a personal sense of accomplishment with a clear definition of financial independence for the future.

Alex says, The thing above all that has ruined more selling careers is unnecessary personal stress caused by a lack of dedication and commitment to your business.  Make no mistakes.  You are in business for yourself!  Find out from Alex how you can build your own client base that will sustain you for the rest of your life.