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Alex Beloff III Chairman and Founder Alex Beloff III LLC

Alex Beloff III
Chairman and Founder
Alex Beloff III LLC

Your personal improvement is a private and personal evaluation of yourself designed to groom and polish you to be believable with well qualified clients (the carriage trade).  If your personal image is not constantly professional, you can forget client development Alex says, This is not about your company, product or service.  This is about YOU!

Your appearance and image is vital to your success!  Most customers buy the salesperson as much as they buy the car or product!  If a salesperson creates a poor impression, the client’s whole attitude toward the company may be affected. Certainly closing is made much more difficult.

Selling is an art of which I have few equals!  This has come about as the result of a life time of intensely studying the buyer, not just at the point of sale, but at the point of life!

Alex in three piece suit in 1984 - your appearance and image are important

Alex in three piece suit in 1984

Your appearance and image excellence is a way of life from which there is no deviation.  You are on display the moment you leave your home.  Visually everything about you writes your biography.

I hold Roger Penske in very high regard.  He is the pinnacle of success worldwide.  He can dress anyway he chooses, yet he’s an impeccable dresser,  not a wrinkle on him.  I have followed that example my entire career and I have garnered the respect of my clientele regardless of their station in life.  

Alex Beloff III

Alex Beloff III

You need the compassion and support of dealership personnel to succeed.  Company protocol and ediquite will encourage cooperation.  Abide by the rules. Everyone you  meet needs  sincere complements, encouragement, and appreciation.  You can’t beat the house in Las Vegas or the dealership.  Don’t try.  Your charm, a kind word and a smile will result in their support.  When you least expect it, their assistance to you will be critical.