Lost clients

Lost clients are the result of no follow up at all after their initial visit and no purchase was made.  Many clients have found the despicable buying experience extremely distasteful.  Without professional, emotional and personal contacts, the owner feels unimportant.   If you are relying on your charm to encourage repeat business, you will lose.

He who hesitates is dinner. Then the dragon wins!

He who hesitates is dinner.
Then the dragon wins!

Another form of lost clients are the unsold owners.  They need to be encouraged to at least give you a chance to talk to them again.  This requires immense patience and discipline. Too many are automatically discarded the moment they buy a competitive make.  

Your thoughtful emotional contacts will make them feel important and form a relationship.  When it comes to transportation, they should think of you regardless of their present make or future interests.  Find out from Alex how he turns lost clients and unsold owners into sales.

Eliminate stolen clients!  What are stolen clients?  After a sterling effort to develop a lasting relationship with a potential client, the most painful experience you will have in any vocation is to discover that one of your colleagues has masterfully encouraged them to do business and completely forget you. We call it skating.  If discovered, they are quick to point out that your client found you to be pushy and not knowing your product.  Both are falsehoods.  They end up splitting the commissions that you generated.

A postcard Alex used when at Frank Kent Cadillac, Fort Worth TX

A postcard Alex used at Frank Kent Cadillac, Fort Worth TX

Alex has mastered the art of encouraging his clientele to see him personally.  They will wait and wait just too see Alex and ignore the other sales people who confront them.  That is customer loyalty.  Being excellent at client development and sales effectiveness will produce that as the end result.  Your customer wants You and no one else.   Find out how Alex has perfected a concept in high form and good taste to encourage his customer loyalty.