Experience in the field

Successful experience in the field has taught me the most important skill in life . . . the art form of persuasion and presentation. Encouraging someone to favor your viewpoint is crucial to selling! Yes, selling. Convincing a reluctant spouse to accept your first kiss or folks to part with their hard earned money to purchase your product or service requires a vital element – customers!

This is the life of your vocation . . . of equal importance is . . . profit!

1965 Plymouth at Brown Motors, Fort Walton Beach, FL

1965 Plymouth at Brown Motors, Fort Walton Beach, FL

This is the success of your chosen field.  My first boss illustrated this point. Mr. Ed Brown, owner of Brown Motors Chrysler, Plymouth, Imperial told me on that exciting hot dusty Florida sandlot, Your sole purpose in life is to make a profit! Those who don’t, vanish! I see myself as a young car guy in you. Your enthusiasm and love of cars will help you do very well here. You are a part-time salesman, lot boy, gofer and not allowed to take ups on a two week trial. Now go bring in the airmen from Elgin AFB and have fun.”

Alex has always said, I discovered something that sustained me through every pressure, adversity and cut throat competition my entire career. The value of a single customer that I personally generated!  

After 122 units sold in 14 months, I was getting paid for doing something I loved!

Alex has the documented sales experience in the field at the point of sale and is definitely the person you need to emulate to achieve success in your sales career!  Ask him how he was successful with a strong clientele base as well as a vibrant referral business.  You can do it too!  It takes time and your dedication to build your business, but you can do it and have a successful career yourself!