Client development

As a client development specialist, Alex Beloff III has perfected the exquisite art of his concept.  Alex says, This is much more than just selling  – it is a way of life whereby you forever have your client’s best interest at heart and you take care of them.

Client development is sharing your love of your product or service with others resulting in a sale! But more importantly, as a client development specialist, it is keeping in touch with your client in a timely manner so that you establish an ongoing relationship.  In this way your client knows they can depend on you for their needs and will feel comfortable with referrals of family, friends, and business associates to you.

You want your client’s repeat business . . . you must “pamper” them so your name will automatically be linked to your product or service in their mind.

Alex's personal note

Alex’s personal note

Everyone wants to be remembered.  I personally create mail pieces that are flattering and memorable to each existing client, prospective clientele and conquest owners.  I take almost no ups, no internet leads, and fewer phone ups, yet continually outsell most of the sales staff.  Many of my sold clients are the results of timely mail pieces to them or a friend saw it on their desk and came to me!

Your clients are very much the life line to your successful repeat and referral professional career! Are you willing to go the extra mile to keep and protect your clients? Do you know how to integrate lost owners, orphan owners, conquest sales or unsold owners into your sales

Find out the details on how Alex Beloff III in the field at the point of sale developed the concepts you should personally add to enhance your career. You need to be a client development specialist now!