Appearance and image

Alex at Wayne Stead Cadillac, Walnut Creek California

Alex at Wayne Stead Cadillac, Walnut Creek California

Your appearance and image is vital!  You are a professional salesperson. Take pains to dress and to look the part!  Dress shabbily, they will notice the dress.  Dress impeccably, they notice the person

Alex in 1974 at the Governor's Conference, Austin TX

Alex in 1974 at the Governor’s Conference, Austin TX

Find out what will make you stand out and greatly impress your customers with minor alterations to your appearance and image at little or no cost.  The most important object lesson here for you is to personally take to heart all of the improvements that boast your appearance and stature in your vocation and life.  You will no longer be insecure. Your new image will have a very positive effect.

Why do you unintentionally turn people off?  Some casual attire is naturally not appropriate for public viewing.  The same is true of the markings that some salespeople think are appropriate.  It matters not to me what a person decides to personally adorn their body with, but I can assure you it matters greatly to the buyerDo you really want to take that chance to turn your buyer off?

Oaklandon Sales in Indianapolis Indiana

Oaklandon Sales in Indianapolis Indiana 1967 and new pace cars

There is a popular belief that you have to dress down to appeal to your customer.  Wrong!  During the mid 60’s as the top salesman for Oaklandon Sales Chevrolet Pontiac and Trucks in Indianapolis, we were some of the best dressed in town.  Alex says, Just because I sold many vehicles to dirt farmers, I did not have to wear work overalls.  They appreciated our professional look.  The customer may purposely dress down to you to throw you off and make you comfortable thinking you have a live one, an easy mark, a lay down and do a better selling job on you than you’ve done on them.  Remember, the easiest person to sell is another salesman.