Alex Beloff III

Alex Beloff III is a  career specialist in the field  at the point of sale.  He has developed the concepts you should integrate into your sales career.  Client development, sales effectiveness, personal improvement and aftermarket income must be mastered now.  It will be a critical factor in your sales success today and in future years.     

With the Alex Beloff III concepts, you will have financial independence and a successful career.  He says, I am motivated by a fat pay check which I am personally responsible for generating He has used the concept ideas himself at the point of sale and knows what works and what does not.  He has the awards, achievements and documented records to verify his successful sales career.

Why does Alex wait for a new customer to ask for his business cardWhat does Alex do differently at the car shows and whyHow does he make the potential customer comfortable in his office?  What did he do to perfect his product presentationWhat is his controlled closing environment

Alex retired in August 2007  with his last assignment being at Grubbs Infiniti Euless TX
Alex retired in August 2007 with his last assignment being at Grubbs Infiniti Euless TX

After a lifetime in the luxury and fine car business, he retired in 2007 and founded Alex Beloff III LLC.  If you are wondering why you have never been exposed to my concepts until now, it’s because after a lifetime of study, research and developing sound concepts that work, I was not anxious to share them with anyone else.  Most sales people could not do it if I showed them because it involves work, discipline and an attentiveness to my owners that even to this day many see littlevalue. 

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The future is extremely promising for those of you who master my concepts. 

Why, because you have no one in your way!  The benefit to me is I have rarely had time to take an up or wait on a new customer in my career.

May God bless the trails you ride!   Alex